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A strong government does not interfere in people’s private lives
TEHRAN, July. 4 (MNA) - Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani has said that a strong government does not interfere in the people’s private lives, reaffirming his pledge to pursue a moderate approach toward social and cultural issues.
“Winning the people’s trust and relying on their cooperation is the key to all problems,” Rohani, who will take office in August, said in a speech to a gathering of clerics in Tehran on Wednesday, which was broadcast live on Iranian television.    

“We need a strong society, and a strong government arises from a strong society. Today, an opportunity has been created for the participation of the people,” Rohani said. 

He added, “We have to prepare the ground further for the people’s participation day by day and decrease the government’s authority over the affairs of the society and the people day by day. A strong government does not mean a government that interferes and has authority over all issues and limits the people’s lives.” 

A strong government “does not interfere in the people’s private lives,” Rohani said, adding, “The power of a government lies in increasing public trust… providing services, reducing the suffering and problems of the people… and paving the way for the progress of all citizens.”    

He also said that efforts should be made to enhance public trust in clergymen.