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Print version    Only text version     Receiving txt file     Email this to a friend Tehran:00:29 ,  5/17/2013
تعداد بازدید:

Reformist support for Hashemi hypocritical: Haddad Adel
TEHRAN, May 17 (MNA) – Iran Presidential hopeful says reformist motivations in supporting Hashemi require further examinations.

Gholam Ali Haddad Adel, candidate for Iran’s 11th presidential elections to be held in June, said that “either reformists or Hashemi has changed.”

“Former enemies are now friends. Hashemi has registered in when no one could predict due to his age and physical frailty,” added Haddad Adel.

The member of Pishraft (Persian for ‘progress) deemed reformists’ motivations in supporting Hashemi as ‘requiring further scrutiny,’ rhetorically asking that “how reformist parliamentarians would support Hashemi, while in 6th parliament they harshly criticized him?” Haddad added that this fact was unclear to him.

“Newspaper reports written by reformist columnists during Reformist government against Hashemi and his family indicated their criticism of Hashemi,” asserted Haddad Adel.

“Criticism against Hashemi was so extensive that Khatami grasped the opportunity to canvass votes for himself to be elected president,” he added, and that “these all poses the question that how one support someone today whom he criticized at the past, either reformists or Hashemi has changed, since former enemies are now friends.”

Haddad Adel also added that it is probable that reformists may win the elections relying on Hashemi’s political record and fame, and claim that reformist movement won the elections.