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تعداد بازدید:

Morales calls for Chavez’s death investigation
TEHRAN, March 12 (MNA) – Bolivian President has called for investigation into death of late President Hugo Chavez.

Following the statement by the president of the Russian Communist Party, regarding the abnormality of the six Latin American leader cancer infection and further investigation request into his death, and also request by Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman to investigate the matter further, Evo Morales called the Chavez death suspicious.

According to MNA, Evo Morales, in remarks in Austria said: “when imperialism fails to achieve their goals, through democratic way or Coup d’Etat and to justify invasion and occupation of another country, then they resort to other methods.”

Nicholas Maduro, the interim Venezuela President, and presidential candidates for the next month election has said: “Chavez illness has been caused by the conspiracy of the enemy and poisoning him.”


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