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Print version    Only text version     Receiving txt file     Email this to a friend Tehran:15:35 ,  3/2/2013
تعداد بازدید:

Any Tom, Dick and Harry shouldn’t be able to block broadcasts
TEHRAN, March 2 (MNA) – Iran’s president says in light of West blocking our TV networks like Press TV, Al Alam, and Hispan TV, launching communication satellites by Iran considered very important.

Mahmud Ahmadinejad pointed to blocking of Press TV, Al-Alam, and Hispan TV by the Western providers, addressing the Iranian national TV and Radio Organization head and staff members in the inauguration ceremony of Tamasha and Salamat TVs and said: “in the present world, the media seek to saturate the mind of the viewers every second.”

“The more disparate, shallow the information, the more beneficial will be to the hegemonic powers,” he added, assessing the broadcasting facilities as important, “broadcasting facilities have the same level of importance as do production facilities. If a TV production has the best content, but it suffers from bad distribution, it will benefit no one.”

 “Of course, the national TV and Radio Organization have signed significant agreements, but Iran should launch at least 4 satellites, so any Tom, Dick and Harry would not block our broadcasts,” Ahmadinejad asserted.

Ahmadinejad also said that measures taken so far had been satisfactory. “No obstacle would be imposed on the media. “Those who block the others’ broadcasts should know that they would inevitably fail, because this approach is destined to failure,” he added.

Furthermore, blockage in the field of culture would not provide a good strategy,” Ahmadinejad asserted.
“So long as the man finds his true self, this path is to be followed, and we should have our own satellites, since the devils have been mobilized to prevent Iranians’ message to get across the world, but you will defeat them in their attempt,” he continued.