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Iran could have nuclear program: Alan Eyre
TEHRAN, Feb. 25 (MNA) – Persian-speaking spokesman of the US Secretary of States has said that Iranians has the right to nuclear program.

Alan E. Eyre’s remarks comes out while the US has employed it’s all capabilities to put Iranians under pressure , even sanctioned Iran in medical drugs and passenger jet facilities.

In interview to BBC Persian service, which has taken anti-Iranian policies, Eyre said that his country had a ‘package of proposals’ for Iran in Kazakhstan talks. He did not provide further details about the package, saying that “as both sides have said, negotiation via media is useless.”

“We expect to find a solution through good will and mutual respect when meeting with Iranian negotiators. Iran’s Leader and President have said that they rejected having nuclear bomb, and this [shows] there is a venue for negotiation,” said Eyre.

Iran and 5+1 powers negotiation teams arrived at Almaty Monday morning local time. In February 26th, they will hold nuclear talks.

In answer to the question that whether US would present anything in return for Iranian cooperation, Eyre said that “we are ready for talks with Iran. We should talk to Iran in Kazakhstan. Iran should rule out international sanctions through commitment to its international obligations.

Eyre believed that negotiation through media was useless. “The truth is that if Iran remains committed to its promise to peaceful nuclear program, sanctions will be cancelled. Iran can have nuclear program, but it should implement its obligations and commitment accepted before,” he added.

Hamid Mohammadi, nuclear expert said Mehr News that remarks by the US Secretary of State spokesman came when if even the US president wanted to annul the sanctions he could not, since Senate and House of Representatives have voted for increasing sanctions on Iran and there was no way to alleviate sanctions on Iran, “since, the US side, as seen in recent years, has thought about total abandoning of nuclear program by Iran, and then attacking Iran, as it did in case of Iraq and Libya.”

“First, the US knew through the ‘investigator-spies’ that these countries had no weapons of any kind, and then invaded them,” he added.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of Majlis (Parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Commission provided comments on the remarks by US Secretary of State Spokesman. “ the issue raised by US as to talks between the US and Iran is not ‘new,’ and almost in all negotiations with 5+1 powers, they have presented their proposal for talks,” added Boroujerdi, saying that “we do not have any problems with the American people, and we only opposed to cruel policies taken by US administrations in last decades.”

While Iran has been committed to its obligations in NPT and has cooperated more than what was enough beyond the protocol, Alan Eyre’s remarks highlights the necessity of Iran’s cooperation with NPT, and while Israel has more than 200 nuclear warheads, and international community did not objected to that. Saeed Jalili, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator told on Saturday that Iranian nation would not accept to be an exception; neither would they accept fewer rights, nor more obligations.


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