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Print version    Only text version     Receiving txt file     Email this to a friend Tehran:11:42 ,  2/24/2013
تعداد بازدید:

Iran has oil for next 100 years: Officials
TEHRAN, Feb. 24 (MNA) –Iran’s Deputy Oil Minister says Iran will have oil for production and exports for the next 100 years.”

In an interview with Mehr News, Mohsen Khojastehmehr provided details on the latest situation of oil and natural gas discoveries and said “the liquid hydrocarbon reserves have increased more than 800 billion barrels with some new discoveries.”

The Deputy Oil Minister pointed out that Iran has more than 157 billion barrels of oil reserves and added: “our gas reserves have increased to 34 trillion CBM.”

This official emphasized that “currently Iran is the largest holder of natural gas reserves in OPEC, and that the world count on Iran’s oil and gas reserve, certainly Iran’s energy supplies has no substitute in the world.”

Khojastehmehr added that that since 2005 the Ministry has discovered 110 billion barrel of new oil reserves. “In the same period, we have discovered more than 6 trillion CBM of natural gas reserves.”

He told reporters that immense oil and gas reserves in our country and investment of over $150 billion on the development of these oil and gas fields assure our future economy .“Certainly it protects the production of oil and gas and our preservation policy to create more wealth for future generations.”