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Print version    Only text version     Receiving txt file     Email this to a friend Tehran:10:12 ,  2/17/2013
تعداد بازدید:

Michael Moore says he would come Iran even not invited
TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) –A renowned Hollywood director says in his latest interview that he will go to Iran.

Michael Moore, also known for his critical opinions against the US policies, and supporting Muslims, is one of the very famous directors in the world.

Recently, some of the Iranian documentary and film directors have been talking about Michael Moore coming to Iran, but there was never any confirmation from him or his presence in Iran.

For the first time in 2008, Mohammad Afarideh, the Executive of Documentary and Experimental Film Center at the time, had said that Michael Moore was invited to Iran. Later some other directors talked about such news, but Michael Moore never showed up in Iran.  

But Moore in his latest interview with Mehrnameh magazine said “when the news of my visit to Iran was published a few years ago, the right-wing media in the US began to take a position and published some very critical and hateful articles, they even published faked news about me. So I thought I should postpone visiting Iran to another time.

Michael Moore continued “they explained to me that my style has many advocates in Iran. So obviously I was happy. I am now waiting for an opportunity to travel to Iran. Even if they do not invite me this time I will go anyway.”