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Print version    Only text version     Receiving txt file     Email this to a friend Tehran:12:14 ,  12/13/2012
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Iran Launches a Google Rival Video-Sharing Website
TEHRAN, Dec. 13 (MNA) – Indian daily newspaper wrote in a report that Iran has launched the first video-sharing website in the Middle East, which will work as a rival for Google’s popular YouTube.

According to Mehr News Agency, IRIB Deputy Chief for Virtual Media announced the launching of Iranian YouTube, or Mehr.ir .

Hindustan Times reported: “this website called 'Mehr', meaning affection in Persian, aims to attract Persian-speaking users and also promote Iranian culture and opposing western cultural propaganda.”

The project started in 2009 in Iran and a Facebook page has been also launched for the website.

Hindustan Times adds that production of software with the aim of providing service to such a large number of users of Emails or video websites is complex. Such a provider must develop advanced software and enjoy fully developed infrastructure.

“Iran has managed to stop the western propaganda aimed to undermine the Islamic Republic through launching a website which provides healthy content and frustrates unhealthy social network impacts.

This is the first step by the Islamic Republic to launch national internet, which is a domestic Intranet, while also preserves access by users to Internet.”

Hindustan Times also writes on launching Email operators and providing free Email services to it user which will have different applications. “Now the Persian weblogs are among the most active blogs in the world. According to Berkman, of Harvard Center for Internet and Society, weblog activists who update daily are around 60,000. This is indication of the increasing progress in Iran’s cyber activity under the western pressure to stop Iran’s forward movement in technology and science.”

"From now on, people can upload their short films on the website and access (IRIB) produced material, which having access to them is difficult" said IRIB Deputy Chief for Virtual Media Lotfollah Siahkali during a session in the sidelines of the Conference on Cyber- Space and Social Evil.

He added that a cyber-seminar will be held by IRIB and people can participate by uploading their short videos and animations. He called for people to upload short videos on Imam Hussein’s Tasoua and Ashoura ceremonies in Iranian YouTube for the interested public around the world to gain familiarity with Iranian culture more than ever.
 IRIB Deputy Chief for Virtual Media also cited everlasting and popular ceremonies of New Year’s Day such as Haft  Seen table, prayer of the first seconds of the New Year, and New Year family visits as potential examples of videos MehrNemad can host, since these ceremonies and their representation in the media is are popular among general public.